Seven Greatest Things

Flipping through a file marked “Misc. Articles” I found the following outline.

Original Outline - Gus Nichols?

Original Outline – Gus Nichols?

By the type font, I think it is from Gus Nichols who lived in worked in the county I now live in. If I were preaching it this Sunday, I might start by mentioning the Seven Wonders of the World or listing seven of the greatest technological achievements or devices.  Then flow into the idea of the  seven things that are really the greatest things known to man.

  1. The Greatest Being – God
  2. The Greatest Gift – Jesus Christ, God’s Son
  3. The Greatest Book – The Bible
  4. The Greatest Command – Love
  5. The Greatest Possession – Your Soul
  6. The Greatest Institution (Organism – my edit) – The Church
  7. The Greatest Place (Reward – my edit) – Heaven

I may move this to the front of my sermons to borrow steal folder.

- Scott

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